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Illyria and the Queen Teuta

The Queen Teuta of Illyria The reign of Queen Teuta dates between 231 and 228 BCE. The reign period is very short, and it was her decisions determined that her reign will end the good position of her people in the Adriatic Sea. After her husband Agron died in 231 […]

When Veii crossed on the road to Rome

Veii are on the road to Rome Rome has a convulsive history from its beginnings as a city. The Roman territory was conquered using force, the history of its expansion is written with the blood of the Romans themselves and with that of their enemies.

Angela Merkel surprises with her statements on NATO and Russia

German Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised with statements separating her from NATO   After the US elections and the victory of Donald Trump, the positions of many of his allies are in suspense. #Donald Trump’s remarks about his country’s withdrawal from international intervention leaves NATO members orphaned as leader. If the […]